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How I went from broke to millions in sales.

I had built websites, hired people to do social media and spent money on ads 
BUT none of it seemed to work. I was frustrated to say the least.

I knew what I had could work.
People just needed to hear about it!
Sound Familiar?
Finally it clicked and business exploded. I mean exploded! We went from under $20 000 in sales to the next year over $150 000 and then over $250 000 and $350 000, and over $500 000.

It wasn't long and we were over $100 000 per month and just kept growing and growing!
To date we have sold over $5 million from online sales, I've created a company I love and have an awesome team that love their jobs.

Here's a pic of us goofing off in front of a recent movie premiere we did branding for.
Now we help other business owners do the same!
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Now you can!

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